SCI Medic, Inc. is a trusted supplier of FDA-cleared home diagnostics and over-the-counter consumer health products. We develop, source, manufacture, and market products that are comparable in quality and effectiveness to national brands. Our store brand programs are tailored to allow flexibility in design and to meet a targeted price point to maximize margins.

All of SCI Medic, Inc.’s quality products can be developed under a private label program.  We currently supply private label products to retailers, grocery chains, healthcare distributors, e-commerce sites, wholesalers, local, state and federal governments throughout the US and Canada.  Our focus is on the success of your product. We work closely with the customer to gain a detailed understanding of their vision. SCI Medic, Inc. sources a variety of different product formulations, packaging components and labeling styles.  A member of our dedicated staff will guide our Customer through the process of developing a private label program, including, but not limited to, product prototypes, mock samples, product testing, facility auditing, packaging art design, regulatory registration/ management and logistics, ie: import/ export.  We execute the entire program for our Customers from A to Z.

Client Benefits

  • Prepaid shipping; low minimums
  • Damage allowances
  • Swell allowances
  • New store allowances
  • Co-op charges accepted
  • Extended and discounted payment terms – 1-2% Net 31 Days/ Net 45, 60
  • EDI set-up fee waived
  • “Hot Deal”, coupon display discounts

Product Qualifications

  • Independently lab tested for National Brand Equivalence and Quality Assurance
  • Facility audits
  • FDA Registered
  • FDA Cleared and Registered Products
  • Devices 99% Accuracy
  • 2-3 Year Shelf Life
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