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Non-Medicated Nasal Inhaler

NBE to VICK’S Vapoinhaler™

Help Nasal Passages Feel Fresher!

  • Non-Medicated Vapor Inhaler, NBE to VICK’S Vapoinhaler™.
  • Product Benefits:
  • Essential oil and enriched herbs formula
  • Free of harsh chemicals
  • Formula provides instant relief from dry, inflammed nasal passages
  • A safe and natural way to refresh nasal passages and sooth stuffy noses
  • Pleasant, refreshing vapor action
  • No side effects associated with use in comparison to the drug filled decongestants currently on the market
  • Easy to use
  • Aromatic vapors are present for a minimum of 3 months after first use
  • NBE Vick’s VapoInhaler™ – Bureau Veritas NBE report available upon request
  • Multi-pack options ie: 2 or 3 count, available
  • Low-cost, high quality
  • Private label available